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Forensic Services Division

Forensics Services is a Division located under the span of control of the Bureau Of Criminal Investigation. It is comprised of two commissioned personnel as well as eight civilian employees. This office is divided into Crime Scene Investigation, Latent Print Examination, Evidence and Property Management and Sex Offender Compliance and Management. The members of this Division are dedicated to providing the citizens of St. Charles County with the most qualified, educated, and trained personnel available.

Crime Scene Investigation Unit
This unit is comprised of six civilian personnel. All of the personnel are Certified Crime Scene Investigators with the International Association for Identification. This unit is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and assists the Patrol Division, Detective Bureau, Major Case Squad or any other requesting agency in the Investigation of Crime Scenes. Their duty is the documentation, collection, identification, preservation, and introduction of physical evidence. 

Evidence Management
This unit is comprised of one civilian who maintains and manages all the evidence and property submitted by the Patrol Division, Detective Bureau or any outside agencies needing to submit evidence for special processing.  Duties also include the evaluation of evidence and directing it to the appropriate lab for analysis. The Evidence manager is also responsible for the periodic Disposal of non-evidentiary evidence, as well as the strict record keeping and proper storage of all evidence. This person is certified with the International Association for Evidence and Property Management.

Latent Print Examination
This unit is comprised of twp civilian personnel who provide Technical and specialized work in the Evaluation/Examination of Latent/Palm Print evidence submitted by any law enforcement agency. This unit is responsible for entering searches into AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). This unit also assists law enforcement with the identification of deceased persons and arrestees bearing questionable identification. This unit is responsible for testimony in court on matters relating to Fingerprint/Latent Identifications.

Sex Offender Compliance and Management
This unit is comprised of one Commissioned and one Civilian person. The personnel assigned to this unit are responsible for the complete registration of each sex offender that resides in the St. Charles County area, which includes all available court paperwork, police reports, arrest data, up to date photographs, fingerprints, and DNA.  The offender information that is required by Law is placed on the St. Charles County and MSHP Sex Offender Registry web sites. This unit also conducts random and scheduled residency checks to ascertain compliance by the offender. Duties also include scheduling each offender to respond to the Department for their annual, semi- annual or 90-day registration responsibilities.  Personnel are responsible for responding to and/or acting on tips provided by the public, and other law enforcement agencies.

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